Saturday, February 6, 2016

Fan-Tas-Tic Pinball, Part 1

Refurbishing and upgrading a electromechanical pinball machine from the seventies.

Right: How it looks like now. Left: How it might end up

Taking the monster apart

Under the hood. This thing is full of relays and mechanical switches -- a lost art.
Underneath the playfield, showing the solenoids for the flippers.

At this point, the machine is in quite a bad state. All the rubbers have turned into brittle plastic, many lamps are blown, the playfield is a filthy mess and the playfield window is cracked.

We took a last video of the machine with its original electromechanical brain, before we have teared it completely apart:

Turns out it almost works. The score counting wheels have some issues. Sometimes they get stuck, sometimes the reset process never finishes.

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