Sunday, February 7, 2016

Fan-Tas-Tic Pinball, Part 2

The Fan-Tas-Tic controller

The new homebrew controller board for the pinball machine. It's general job is to read a lot of switches and drive a lot of solenoids. 

The game logic runs on a Raspberry pi, which communicates over a USB-serial connection with the controller board.

Mainboard, as rendered by KiCad

Mainboard, getting CNCed

Mainboard, tested and working
Unfortunately there was a glitch during toolpath generation of the second layer, which we only noticed very late in the milling process. While the board was functional, the high current traces for the solenoids turned out much more narrow than intended. They instantly burned up during the first test with a real solenoid (24 V, 3 Ohm, 8 Amps peak.). As a workaround I soldered thick copper wire on-top of these traces.

High current traces fixed

Driving WS2812 LED strings. Check of timing.

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